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Why do you think you feel the way you do about men? Who have you been listening to and observing? What thoughts and beliefs do you limit yourself to?

3d_bonus_cover_jpegCreating loving, fulfilling, lasting relationships can seem like an impossible feat, in this day and age.  Women are tired of dating, failing and trying again.  Some of the advice and information our mothers gave us was limiting, at best.  We have suffered, loved and lost and sometimes, even repeated the mistakes of our mothers.  We must learn new ways of relating.  Men and women have seemingly been at odds forever.  This book gives common-sense guidance to women, to help them understand and step into their feminine power and master the creation of loving, mutually enhancing relationships.

Latonya Black Gilliard captures the true essence of what men actually need but sometimes can’t express.  She knows how to encourage and guide women in the right direction, away from self-defeating patterns and attitudes.  She has always had a heart for women, wanting to see them prosper and live abundant, full, inspired lives. 

Growing up in a small town in North Carolina, she enjoyed the closeness of a tight-knight but large family.  She also realized that for her to expand and grow into the successful artist that she desired to be, she had to leave the watchful eye of mom, aunts, and cousins, that had well-intentioned hearts but local vision.

Moving to Los Angeles, she has created a coaching company that mentors women in the areas of personal growth, self-esteem and relationships. She is married to the love of her life and has two children. She is a singer, producer and actress. Her desire is to create a global network of mentors and coaches that help transform mindsets in the areas of health, wellness and prosperity.

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