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My new book I APOLOGIZE TO MY THYROID – Living with the consequences of medical treatment, is available Now! If you or someone you love has hypothyroidism, you should read my story…21 years of trial and error, now with Solutions!! There is hope!

Latonya Black Gilliard

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What Your Momma Never Knew About Men: A Guide to Creating Real-ationships

Why do you think you feel the way you do about men? Who have you been listening to and observing? Creating loving, fulfilling, lasting relationships can seem like an impossible feat, in this day and age. Women are tired of dating, failing and trying again. We have suffered, loved and lost, sometimes repeating the mistakes of our mothers. This book gives common-sense guidance to women, to help them understand and step into their feminine power and master the creation of loving, mutually enhancing relationships.

Latonya Black Gilliard captures the true essence of what men actually need but sometimes can’t express. She knows how to encourage and guide women in the right direction, away from self-defeating patterns and attitudes. This book will, quite possibly, change your life!

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Becoming Princess Charming: Creating the Magical Mindset For Your Happily Ever After 

In this fun and engaging self-help guide, cherished Intuitive Empath, Morgan McKean takes you through a journey of self-discovery, so that you can create your life the way you want it to be. Each chapter represents a personal strategy session that can be used alone, or in conjunction with all other chapters, as a way to expand your mind, while setting the mental and emotional foundation for creating your happily ever after.