Carl Gilliard

Carl Gilliard hails from Chicago/Detroit and is a veteran actor, director, marketer and producer. As an actor, Carl has appeared in dozens of theatrical plays mesmerizing audiences with his trademark baritone voice and fearless character portrayals. “INCEPTION”,” COACH CARTER”, “RED EYE”, “CONTAC”T, “HOUSE M.D “& “24” are just a few of Carls notable film and television appearances. Through Carl’s various experiences in film, television & theatre, he is quickly forging his niche as a Producer with keen discernment for developing and discovering new screenplays by new and exciting writers. He produced the Pan African Audience Award winning feature “Retiring Tatiana”, “Section 8” (he also directed), “Applause For Miss E” & “Peaches”…all of which are available on DVD, the play “Steel Magnolias”, Dr. Gloria Morrow’s “The Things That Make Men Cry”, the 2014 NAACP Theater Festival and has consulted on numerous feature films and shorts. 

Carl is an experienced sales and advertising professional. He held senior ad positions with Variety and the Los Angeles Times where he managed print and online advertising budgets for many large entertainment and sports outfits. Currently, Carl is in partnership with legendary filmmaker/actor Bill Duke on a variety of reality and narrative film projects including “Black Diamonds” which chronicles the evolution of African Americans in baseball and most importantly, the DUKE MEDIA YOUTH BOOTCAMP where we teach young high school students media and financial literacy here in Los Angeles. This dynamic and trailblazing educational venture is looking to expand in Los Angeles, nationally and globally helping young people enter the media business with a better understanding of the changing media landscape and varying technology that awaits them.

Carl Gilliard the Actor

Carl Gilliard

Carl Gilliard’s scene from GIANTS

Carl Gilliard’s Cingular commercial
DeadCon Horror Feature featuring Carl Gilliard